A student is using its own hands to manipulate a holographic object in front a robot.

The Software Engineering Laboratory is a research space committed to advancing human-computer collaboration. In this workspace, researchers with different levels of expertise explore topics at the intersections of Software Engineering, Human-Robot Interaction, and Computer Education. Focused on collaborating with industry and academy fellows, this lab has been offering studies that could benefit different communities worldwide, from end-users in robotics to middle-school students. 

Topics of interest

Software engineering is not restricted to the development of traditional computer programs. It coexists with other disciplines to promote the implementation of efficient programs in different domains. In our lab, we mainly concentrate our studies on the following intersections:

  • Human-computer interaction
  • Human-robot interaction
  • Computing education
  • Domain-specific languages

If you feel our work fits your interest, don't miss the chance to get involved.